A Comfortable Place to Call Home

Moving is a huge process which is why I’ve never been a fan of moving nor of owning a lot of things. When I was younger I used to move every year; as soon as my lease was up, I was out of there! It never crossed my mind to stay for another year or to make a home somewhere but it didn’t take me long to figure out how much of a pain it was to move every single year. I recently read an article regarding the electricity company rates in Tyler, Texas and was shocked to see how much cheaper they were compared to Indiana. Way, way cheaper!

I like to save money. It’s an important part of fiscal responsibility and I enjoy living as cheaply as possible. That’s why Indiana has been great so far because I have a wonderful job that pays for just about everything that I could need. Still, there’s always room for improvement and after discovering that Texas has a much lower cost of living than Indiana I was game to move. That’s the great thing about having a job that’s completely cloud based: I can move anytime that I want and still have a job.

Texas turned all my expectations of the state upside down. I always imagined cowboys hats everywhere. I imagined rustic backwater hicks – not very different from many of the people that I lived next to! I was completely wrong. Oh, there were cowboy hats all right but hicks were far and few between. Texans have a very cosmopolitian attitude and take their education seriously. Fiercely independent and even patriotic to a point, they are a people who love their state and their country. Certainly more patriotic than myself I still find it more welcoming and comfortable here than I did Indiana.


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