Be Careful What You Lift

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I go a little to far to impress people. When I’m at the supermarket, if I see someone who needs help lifting something or reaching something, I’ll do it for them, especially if they are a woman. I tried to lift a heavy bag of rice for a woman to get it into her cart. I was able to do it, but I hurt my back in the process and had to find a chiropractor in Mesa. At first, it felt like a small pain. I was able to hide it from the woman so I wouldn’t look weak. As I continued to do my own shopping, the pain got worse. Putting my own groceries in the cart and in my car was harder to do with the pain.

Once I got home, I put some ointment on my back to stop the pain, and it worked, so I thought it was all over. I went about my day like I normally would and went to bed later. I woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and I had the worst pain ever. I couldn’t even get back to sleep because of the pain. I had to put some more ointment on my back, but the smell of the ointment was so loud that I could even taste it every time I took a breath. As soon as the sun came up, I contacted a local chiropractor.

The chiropractor was a bigger help than the ointment was. He determined that I only had a pulled muscle that would eventually heal on its own, as long as I didn’t try to do any heavy lifting for women at the grocery store. I guess it was a good thing that this happened to me rather than something worse. This time it was only a pulled muscle from a bag of rice. It could have been something like a torn ligament from some heavy slabs of meat.


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