Best ADT Security Systems Available

I am moving into my first house, which is a big step in my life, to be sure, but it is something that I have to take very seriously, because it is a large investment. I am still trying to get past the remorse of putting so much money down on the house. I had never had so much money in my savings account before, and then in one fell swoop, all of that money went into buying the house. Anyway ADT Security seems like a good thing for me to get at this point in time.

I have been fascinated by these “Purge” rumors that have been circulating in certain cities for the past few months. They are kind of scary, and I do not think that they are very likely to come to life. However, it does point out the need for a sufficient security system and I want one that will be able to do a good job at keeping my family safe. Of course, I care a lot about keeping my property safe and my new house, but what I care about the most, is my family and their well-being.

I guess that John Locke thought of family as a certain type of property as well. But the dude was obsessed with property and used it as his justification for all sorts of things. I am glad that they changed the wording from Locke’s ‘property’ to the ‘pursuit of happiness’ when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, because otherwise it would make us look like a rather greedy lot. I would hate to be associated with people who only care about property. But I guess that I am rambling and I guess that I will just wait for this to come to an end very soon.


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