Biscayne Beach Condos Are Works of Art to Me

I like a luxury style of easy living. I like things clean and new. I thoroughly enjoy swimming in a pool that does not have hard edges as I look out over the ocean. Those pools where the water flows over the edge into the trough that returns the water to the pool pump are works of art. There are plenty of them at the biscayne beach condos. I picked my condo based on these things and how the building looked at twilight. I looked up to the floor where the condo I was thinking about buying was at and saw the night sky settling in. The building’s lights came on in the twilight anchoring it visually to the landscape like the art I produce that pays my bills.

No matter where I look here in the condo where I live in Biscayne Beach, I see shapes, textures and lines that let me know the architect and builders of this place are all artists in their own right. Even the choices for the flooring, carpeting and the outdoor furniture around the pools shows me that art was used in the design. I talk to my neighbors about it, and though they cannot articulate it, they appreciate where they live. I do this kind of stuff for a living so I not only notice it, I know the level of work that is needed to achieve it. So, though the bulk of my neighbors are just enjoying all the work done behind the scenes to make our condo beautiful, I say my hat is off to the men and women who made it all possible.

Even the slope of the roof against the sky when you look at it from below is a gentle curve that does not cut into the view. Rather, it becomes part of it. You cannot improve on what it looks like to look out over the water to the sun setting on the horizon. God designed that beauty. If you are going to build a habitation here, it has to be adapted to the landscape so that it does not interfere with the beauty of nature all around you. I appreciate the art that went into making my home.


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