Finding Work Easily in Singapore

You would think that when a company requests that you move to Singapore from your comfortable apartment in Ohio, that they would at least give you a heads up about the living arrangements for your new home. I wish they had otherwise I would not have taken nearly everything that I own and spend hundreds of dollars having it shipped to the address that they gave me. When I arrived three weeks later, I came home to an apartment that was so filled with the boxes that I couldn’t enter. Self storage in Singapore is in high demand and I recognize exactly why that is.

Work is in huge demand here. The economy has done nothing but increase in volume and drive as government policies designed to help bring in foreigner workers as well as programs focused on improving the education for residents. These people have a plan and they are not shy about showing off the results; all you need to do to see the proof is Google pictures of Singapore from twenty years ago and compare it to today. The change is startling. They are becoming a financial powerhouse here in the Asian sphere of influence and we’ll be seeing much more of Singapore soon, I have no doubt.

My own company is even setting up an entire division here. They want to start tapping into the market as quickly and aggressively as they can which is why they sent me ahead of time. For six months I will have the joy of doing nothing but scout work; looking for potential partners, start-ups and banks that look like they may need a hand with consultant work. This kind of ground work is not typically my favorite but being a forerunner for a project of this magnitude is fantastic.


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