Great Pet Owners Make Great Tenants

When I found an apartment at the Water Ford Creek apartments, I was stoked. I had been looking for a new place for weeks now without any sort of luck – fortunately there was an opening the day before I put an application in and I was the first person to do so. I can’t believe how great the timing was; in this area it’s incredibly hard to find a place that is pet friendly and is as well priced as these apartments are. All this time I’ve been trying to find an apartment that would allow for a pet resulting in not one place allowing for it.

It’s kind of crazy how this is beginning to happen. More and more apartments are turning down individuals because of their pets and yet the vast majority of Americans have pets. Wha’s going on? Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand where they’re coming from as a cat and even a dog can really cause some serious smells in a tiny apartment. I don’t know why there isn’t just a restriction on pets in context to the size of the apartment or at least allowing the potential renter to try and prove their capability at being a quality tenant!

I’ve been on my own since I was only seventeen years old and not once have I ever been kicked out of an apartment or even had an apartment be forced to give me some kind of warning because of some sort of complaints. I’ve been the best possible tenant that I can be, taking care of myself and my animals in the process. It’s sad to think that there are pet owners out there who are incapable doing both at the same time, worse that they can’t even care for their own pets properly.


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