Home Tuition in Singapore Used After Child’s Surgery Kept Her out of School for Weeks

School moves along at a steady pace. If your child misses a number of school days due to an injury or illness, it can cause your child to be left behind trying to catch up. It is highly stressful for the whole family if a child is perpetually trying to get caught up for any particular school year. Then, if you do not address the problem, it can leave your child behind next year. We called an agency that does home tuition in singapore to help our daughter get caught up quickly after she recovered from her surgery.

Our little girl was out for three weeks before she had surgery. Then it was three more weeks of recovery. By the seventh week, after all this began, she was back in school. Even though she had work brought to her in the hospital and at home, she had missed out on a lot of the hands-on and lecture parts of daily school. Her first exams showed a decline. We hired the tutor to get her back up to speed in the subjects she was ailing at. I think it was week nine or 10 when we hired the tutor.

By the end of the school year, our daughter was ahead of all of her peers. We kept up the tutoring even after she got caught up and was performing great on exams again. By the end of the school year, her exams indicated that she could skip a grade if she wanted to. The tutoring made that much of a difference. How can you set a price on that? It is priceless! Still, it is good that the tutoring help we had was very affordable for our family. I will call on them if there is ever even an inkling of one of our children falling behind in their studies.


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