I Am Starting at the University

Of course this is a complicated thing for me and it is all stuff that I have not ever had to do before. My first two years at school I went to a local community college and I lived at home with my Mom and Dad. Now I am about an hour and twenty minutes away from home and so I am working on things like housing rental and I need to find a job that fits in with the way I am going to be living my life. Obviously you need a place that is close to the campus, preferably you would be able to get to class by walking, riding a bike or taking the bus. They have parking lots, but from all that I can tell that is a rather big waste of time. You want to get up out of the bed, get ready and go to class in as short a time as possible. However if you drive your car to the campus you are going to blow a bunch of time finding a place to park and you end up having to walk a long way to get to where you want to be. A bus will pick you up and drop you right where you want to be.

At any rate I think that I have sort of lucked out. I just ran into this guy at the admissions office, where the two of us were waiting on line for a good long time. I sort of knew him from high school a couple of years ago. At any rate him and a couple of guys he knew were trying to rent this big house about five blocks from the campus. They need one more guy. It is not that great a place, but the price is awesome.


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