I Still Needed Good Grades in Science Even Though My Career Choice Was to Curate a Museum

I was able to get into a good university to earn my degree. However, I had a hard time in school before college. My parents helped me with the sciences by enrolling me with a tutor that provides physics tuition in Singapore. I needed the extra help to pass my classes and get the grades I wanted to achieve in the sciences. I wanted to be more than adequate in the sciences even though I was not pursuing a degree where I would need to build on them or use them to any great degree in my career. I have always enjoyed antiquities and history. I have participated in museum curation since my teenage years interning at a museum of history. Science applies to some of the techniques we use in restoration, but I did not need to be a physics expert.

The school system is highly geared toward academic performance of students. I think it is driven by our culture. We want each generation of children to do so much more than the parents who had them. In the early part of this new century I think we are actually overwhelming children with exposure to information and technology. I appreciate the great scientific advancements, and I see they’re necessity for help in making people healthier and better. However, it should not come at the expense of remembering the past or exploring art as a career. I actually value my physics tuition in Singapore. I use what I learned a lot in my job.

I never got perfect scores in the sciences for my final grades, but I must admit that I did so much better by participating in the physics tuition in Singapore that my parents signed me up for. Plus, I needed those good grades in science to get into the university of my choice.


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