I Was Worried for Nothing About My Chiropractic Visit

I have heard of spinal manipulation before, but I really did not know what it was. It sounded scary to me, so I just didn’t care to know more about it. I wish that I would have taken the initiative to know more about it then because I might have saved myself some painful months. I knew I had to finally see what it was all about when my regular doctor told me I should see a chiropractor in Campbell CA to help me with the pain I was having in my back.

My PCP is the type of doctor who wants to treat holistically first, and he goes to a chiropractor himself. He told me a bit about spinal manipulations and what I could expect from them, and how he put it made it a lot less scary to me. I made the appointment with the same chiropractor that he uses since he is so pleased with him. Even before I went to the office for my first visit, I went online so I could learn more about manipulations and what all was involved in getting one. I was relieved to see that it is just something that helps relieve pressure and improve nerve function.

I read about the process of having it done, and I was even able to watch some videos, which definitely put me more at ease. I have to laugh at myself now with how afraid I still was though when I first walked into the chiropractor’s office. His staff quickly put me at ease though, and I even had my first adjustment done that day. I had nothing to worry about, because it was over fairly fast. I went back a few more times for that problem, and my back did stop hurting. That made me realize I needed to follow my PCP’s lead and continue to have this done on a regular basis.


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