My Cookies Were Baking Flat Because My Crazy Oven Did Not Know 350 from 250 Degrees

I love to bake cookies every Christmas. I rarely make them any other time of the year because of how many I make for the holidays. I will start as soon as Thanksgiving is over, and I will bake for at least two weeks as I give them away to neighbors, family, friends and people at work. I was really surprised when my first batch turned out really flat. It didn’t even register that I might need to contact someone who does major appliance repair in Sacramento because I just figured I had messed something up with the recipe.

I tried another tray, but they came out just as flat. They were baking a little, but not much at all. They were flat and mushy, so I threw out the cookie dough and started fresh. I was almost in tears when my next batch came out the exact same way. My oven appeared to be working just fine when I looked at the dials and digital display, but something was seriously wrong. I was just glad that Thanksgiving dinner had been at my sister’s, because that would have been even worse to find out then my oven was not working right!

A technician that repairs major appliances was able to come out almost immediately. The oven was coming on and heating up, but the actual temperature was about 100 degrees off from what it said on the display. I was baking at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and the oven was wavering around 250 degrees in actual baking temperature. The tech told me that he had seen the problem before, and he was able to fix it very quickly. I wish I had not thrown out my first batch cookie dough as there was nothing wrong with it. Well, it was the last service call for the repair person, so I baked a batch of cookies for him. The oven was already preheated, so it only took a few minutes to run a batch through. They came out perfect!


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