My First Chiropractic Visit Turned out to Be a Sucess

My very first experience with back pain was definitely not a good one. I would guess that it’s not a great experience for most people, but I was in so much pain that I was often in tears. Luckily, I learned that a San Jose chiropractor could possibly help me in ways that my regular doctor was unable to do for me. This turned out to be my very first experience with a chiropractor, so I went to my first appointment with an open mind and a lot of faith and hope.

I orginally went to my general physician because I wanted pain pills. I was very honest about it right up front. I had heard from many people that most doctors can’t do anything for you outside of surgery or possible pain medications when it comes to back issues. So I was honest up front with the doctor because I really didn’t want him to try to drag me into many different doctor appointments only to tell me that he couldn’t help in the end. He did give me pain medication, but the type that he gave me made me sleep too many hours during the day every day.

Like I said before, I was really hopeful about my chiropractic appointment. I had quite a few people tell me that I would be better off seeing a chiropractor rather than going to my own general practitioner. That turned out to be true. It turned out that I had a pinched nerve, and I’m happy to say that no surgery was necessary at all to fix the pinched nerve. I was pretty impressed that the man who I saw was able to figure out the problem rather quickly. That did not happen at the appointments I had with my general physician.


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