Running a Business at Home in a Quiet Village

Did you know it is illegal to overload your skip? I was worried about that thinking we might need a bigger one. However the mini skip from holds up to 22 bags of rubbish. We do generate quite a number of bags of rubbish, but we do not have that many going into a skip before it is picked up. The mini skip is perfect for us. They do residential and commercial skip hire. We are commercial but only because of our home business. We do not have any customers that come to the house. We buy and ship through our online business. We converted the garage into our little operations center.

We started to generate more recyclables and rubbish when we got into full swing with our business. We are not making enough to justify renting a commercial space. We can also just continue to operate here without any zoning problems as long as we do not have any customers coming to the house. The only thing that has changed as far as the neighbors see is more trash bags in the skip. We have good neighbors so it is not an issue.

I added it up. If we rented or leased a space and paid for commercial versions of everything, we would lose money. However, we may get to the point that we can no longer do our business out of the garage. Even at our hectic pace this is much better than commuting to a regular job. The commercial, or business, upgrades we have are just for the skip hire and our Internet service. Oh, and we do have business accounts with the carriers we ship through. They stop buy, pick up our packages and are on their way. No different than them stopping by a house or flat on the street to deliver a package or two. So, you can run a business quietly at home if you are mindful about things.


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