Securing Ourselves from the Rest of the World

With the anger of having my home broken into still fueling me, I quickly found – the answer to all my problems. I chose this home because of the neighborhood that its in; upscale, gated and predominantly white. I felt like that i could be truly safe there, separated from the rest of the city thanks to the gate. I thought that crime wouldn’t be able to touch me here while I enjoyed the fruits of the labor that I put into my work every single day of my life. I deserved to be safe from crime and the people that would commit it.

I understand now that there is no escaping it. No matter where you live, no matter the neighborhood, there are going to be those people in the world who are going to prey on others. That is simply unavoidable in this world – especially here in the United States thanks to those of us who are making money. I can see how it can be an attractive option for those that may not have any options themselves or those that would lower themselves to the level of taking advantage of others who have more than them.

How can I ever expect to respect these kinds of people? This is exactly why I moved to this neighborhood! It’s this sort of lowly human behavior that drives people like myself away from the rest of them. Can anyone blame us? Can anyone really look at us and blame us for their problems when it’s up to the individual to make the most of their lives? Certainly not despite the fact that they will do their best to do so. While opportunity is not created equally, hard work is work its weight in gold if anyone wants to further themselves.


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