She Made Me Look and Feel Beautiful

When my sister invited me to a fancy function that her work was having, I knew I was going to go shopping and have my hair done. There is a guy there that I have secretly admired from afar, and I knew this could be my chance to make myself known to him. That is why my sister wanted me to come, because she had a feeling that sparks would definitely fly between the guy and myself. I had to buy a new dress and get my hair done, which is why I looked for a hair salon in my area.

A friend of mine has been doing my hair for me, but it was mainly just to cut it. I wanted to add some highlights to it, and I wanted it styled differently. I thought that a nice braid with some wisps around the front of my face would be nice, but I also knew that she would not be able to do that for me. I had heard a lot about Team Salon so I decided to make an appointment there. I knew I made the right choice after looking at their social media site because it had a lot of pictures of the hair styles they have done in the past.

I made an appointment for the day of the business function. I told my stylist that I was trying to impress someone I was interested in, and she gave me some suggestions. I really liked one that would still involve a braid, but it would have my hair swept up as well, including the braid. When she was done and showed me how I looked with a mirror, I knew that I had never looked more beautiful. Between my little black dress and my sexy hair style, I had a feeling that I was going to finally get noticed!


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