Started Working for My Uncle

Of course none of this is exactly on the books. My uncle Lou has a new business, but he is only good at doing the work. He is a plumber and he has a contract to do this big job at at water treatment plant. He and four other people are going to do the job, they will need very few things that they do not have. I am going to get paid to take care of the other stuff. Right now I have to figure out how to use a paystub maker since one of the guys is going to need proof that he has a job. As you might suspect the reason is that he is on parole, the guy actually got into a bar fight and nearly killed another man. He seems like a nice guy when you talk to him in person, but obviously a lot of bad things can happen when you get to drinking and cross paths with other people who are drinking.

At any rate we are going to pay everyone with direct deposits. That is only sensible. I figured out how to set it up really quickly and there is not any issues that I have found to this point. Of course I am going to like it since the money is just going to instantaneously appear in the bank. I will not have to do anything. I really do not see why people do things other ways in this day and age. Having to take a pay check and cash it at a bank is a really big waste of time so far as I am concerned. There is no benefit to anyone so far as I can tell. Obviously it requires you to got through a step that is totally unnecessary.


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