We Rented an Apartment to Stay in for Our Vacation

Many years ago, a friend of mine lived and worked in Singapore for 6 months. When he came back he had so many great stories to tell about his time there. This year, my wife mentioned she has always wanted to visit there, so I suggested that we go. I called my old friend and he said he stayed at the JJH in Singapore in a really trendy area. He said that he really liked staying there and that I would like it as well.

My wife chose to be in charge of putting together an itinerary for our trip. She chose the restaurants, the landmarks we would visit and the many events that we would attend. In the meantime, it was up to me to see if the place my friend mentioned would suit my wife’s needs and my needs. I hoped to find out this place had a website online because I really wanted to see some photos before making a commitment. Luckily, they have one that includes photos and information about each of the apartment buildings. They are located in various areas around the city so that you have your choice as to where to stay. The photos on the site looked great.

I ended up choosing a until that was recently renovated. And despite the fact that it was just renovated, the price was still lower than many hotels nearby who could offer us accommodations for a month. It really did seem like a better idea to stay at JJH and forget staying in an over-priced hotel room.

My wife chose not to look at the pictures ahead of time. She trust me, and she said she wanted to be surprised. She loved the place when we got there. She said it was exactly staylike staying in a little home, and she said it did not feel like a rental at all.


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